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Hello shopaholics! I'm a twenty something Kuwaiti woman completing my postgraduate studies in the UK. I've always been obsessed with designer handbags and thought that they (and fine jewellery) are the only things that add the vavavoom to an outfit. Later, I was inspired by the fashion expert Gok Wan on how to make a high street outfit win over a high end one. Through this blog, I'd like to show Kuwaiti women that they don't need to spend a fortune to look good!

Hi fashionistas of the world, I am Tina a Kuwaiti girl who loves fashion, fast cars and cats. Whenever I feel down I just go to a mall and walk into as many shops as I want and try on ( its for free you know ) the clothes that I really like and not necessary buy anything , this just makes me feel happy .

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  1. what this site is all about,,soundsinteresting