Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Eucerin Products Review

A few weeks back I received Eucerin products made specially for those with skin suffering from atopic eczema  . I do not suffer from any kind of eczema , but have very sensitive dry and itchy skin that does not allow me to use fragranced skin care products. 

I decided to give them a try since the brand itself is highly recommended by dermatologists. 

The products are fragrance free. The first time I used  them, I did not like the after smell at all, it gave me a feeling like I am in a hospital or a clinic, but later on I got used to it.

The first product is Bath and Shower Oil. I used it directly after showering on wet skin, the moment it touches the skin it gives a nice calming feel. My skin actually did get better, look better, no more redness nor itchiness after using it for the first week. 

The second product is Body Care Lotion. The lotion transforms into thick buttery substance that covers the skin beautifully and leaves it soft and itch free. 

I do recommend using the products to protect the skin and keep it healthy, even if you do not have a skin condition.

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