Saturday, 2 May 2015

Chili's New Limited Time Menu

Skillet BBQ Slider

Chili's Kuwait launched a new menu for a limited time consisting of one starter, three different cut steaks, one dessert and two drinks.

Starter : Skillet BBQ Slider.
Loved this dish and would definitely go for it again. It has both shredded chicken and beef on a skilled four fluffy yummy buns and roasted garlic BBQ sauce and honey chipotle sauce. You get to use your imagination and taste buds to create your own slider .

Main Course: (1) Southwest short rib filet.

Southwest Short Rib Filet

We ordered it as Medium well , and it turned out so juicy and delicious. Th combination of the shredded short rib on top has a kind of sweet  taste to it that complemented the saltines of the cheese on top. Served with the most delicious Mashed potatoes ever served on a skillet that I could eat all day long.  

Mashed potatoes 

Main Course: (2) Chipotle Blue Cheese Filet.

This dish looked nothing like what was in the picture in the menu. The flavors on this one I like a lot  more than the first one simply because of the Chipotle Blue Cheese. I love spicy food no matter what eat they could have , so this was to me number one. It is served with smoked red potatoes.

Smoked Red Potatoes

Grapefruit Margarita 

The Grapefruit Margarita was a nice change from the  typical  Lemon  Margarita and was so refreshing.

There is also a third steak which is Glazed Shrimp Filet and we did not try it because we had too much already 

Dessert: Apple Berry Crumble.
Apples and berries on a hot skillet with cinnamon topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel. It was simply divine.

Apple Berry Crumble.

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