Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Vilebrequin Introduces New Luxury Beachwear

For over 40 years, Vilebrequin has been the renowned expert in men’s swimwear. Now the brand has decided to push the limits of its expertise and knowhow further... a lot further, by introducing two unique designs of trunks, embroidered with 24-karat gold thread.

To cater to the Middle Eastern market, the brand has added two unique gold-stitched pieces to its collection. Both designs - the ‘Dancing Golden Turtles’ and the ‘Ring of Golden Turtles ’ - pay homage to the sea. The brand’s symbolic turtles, now in gold, swim against the navy seascape background of Vilebrequin’s iconic Moorea model.

The cord tips, made from 22-karat gold, present the final touch of elegance and ultimate sophistication.

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