Monday, 9 February 2015

Munich, Germany (P6)

Munich, Germany (P1) , (P2) , (P3) , (P4) and (P5)

What to do when Sundays come in  Munich, Germany and everything is simply closed, the mall, supermarkets, shops, and even some restaurants. 

Here are a few options on where to go on a Sunday. The Zoo, The Olympia Park, Museums and The English Garden .

When we were there we got the chance to visit the Zoo, Olympia Park and The Bavarian Museum, The BMW Headquarters, but not the English garden unfortunately which is the largest public park in whole Europe. 

The Zoo was great to spend the day with the family and I recomend visiting it if happen to be there. Here are a few snaps on what is there:

The Olympia Park was great for walking and enjoying the weather. Sea Life Aquarium is located there and is good for kids and not for adults at all. 

The BMW Museum and headquarters lies right next to the Olympia park and within a walking distance, so we decided to check it out.

The  Bavarian (Bayerisches) National Museum: 

To be continued...

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