Thursday, 26 February 2015

Munich, Germany (P10)

Munich, Germany (P1) , (P2) , (P3) , (P4)(P5)(P6)(P7)(P8) and (P9)

Medical Park is a rehabilitation center for treating illnesses from the following medical fields: orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine, neurology, internal medicine, cardiology and psychosomatic medicine.

My dad was sent to this Park to regain strength and ability to walk again after the surgery. The park is about 2 hours drive from where we were staying unfortunately.   

The park is surrounded by a lake, mountains and green fields. They have a great team of  specialized doctors, therapists, nurses and even the receptionists.

My dad is still recovering in sometimes needs a Cain to help him balance and walk properly but all in all Alhamdullillah .

I had to go back to Kuwait two weeks before my dad and brother. I have to say this was never what I had in  mind for a nice happy and wonderful family vacation to Germany, but it was something different and a new experience.

Dear Germany until we meet again and in better circumstances.

The End. 

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