Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Munich, Germany ( P1 )

The place where I took my first breath, first blink on the world, first steps, said my first words, the place where I met my first ever best friend , the place where I spent my first carefree years, Germany.

Since the day I came to Kuwait I have been longing to go back for just one day, and 30 years have passed till I had the chance to do so. It was not planned as I always dreamed. I always wanted to go and enjoy my time with my whole family, but my dad health was the reason I had to go.

Last year my dad had to spent 110 days in Munich, he had a major operation and with recovery taking time the journey took more than 3 months.

I spent the months of October and part of November in Munich, and I could not stay the whole time because of work, my mom and sister could not come and other complicated reasons. 

I still feel that I did not really enjoy each and every minute of my stay, I even cried my eyes on the returning flight back, I just did not want to go back yet.

What ever happened during my stay there will be posted soon.

To be continued...

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