Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dexter's Grooming at PetZone

When I was away for a while I left my little fluffy friend Dexter with my mom. When I came back he needed his nails clipped, bathed and his hair to be trimmed . 

I usually use a home service , their work is amazing , but charge 24KD every time. 

I decided to try out Petzone since I shop a lot there for Kitty stuff, and always found the grooming area full of people with their pets. I asked about their service charge and it turned out only 12KD. 

I took Dexter and the outcome was amazing, he was calm the whole time and did not cause a fuss. They even gave me a card to keep and they stamped it, it turned out to be a loyalty card and for every 3 grooming service the 4th is free. 

I loved how professionals they were when dealing with the pets and my Dexter , I highly recommend the place for pet lovers.

They are located behind The Avenues mall , Tel: 24961111

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