Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ruby Tuesday New Menu Tasting

تمت دعوتنا لتجربة قائمة الطعام الجديدة من روبي تيوسداي مع نائب الرئيس للشركة العربية الوطنية السيد بيل روبينسون.

Ruby Tuesday invited us to taste the new menu with the Vice President of National Arabic Company Bill Robinson.

Shrimp fondue
 A great start for a meal is the shrimp fondue, the mix of shrimp and cheese is so delicious. 

BBQ Ribs
 My favourite dish was the BBQ ribs, so juicy and the meat just comes off the bones with a fork.

Strawberry and lemon

Chicken Trio
 Chicken Trio has three chicken breasts and each is covered with a different topping laying over a bed of rice and great for sharing. One topped with Mango salsa, portobello mushroom and cheese and third is tomato and lemon. Loved the on with the mango salsa the most.

Rib eye steak
 The Rib eye steak we ordered as well done cooked as we wanted it and not as many unfortunately restaurants who tend to burn the meat when its ordered as well done.

Asiago pepper rib steak
 Asiago pepper rib steak , I loved this one and ordered it as medium well. 


 This dash was delicious and spicy but a little bit heavy

Mr. Bill Robinson

Seafood New Orleans
Seafood New Orleans has a fish fillet covered with spices and shrimp with cheese, a great dish for seafood lovers.

Salad bar

 Looking for a a great salad bar for your gatherings, BBQ parties, Ruby Tuesday offers a great one (picture above ).

Cheese Cake
 The star of the night was actually the Cheese Cake , a killer cheese cake that I could eat over and over . They offer it with different toppings depending on your liking.

If you are a Shisha person , the outside seating area is perfect over looking the Arabian Gulf in Sharg Branch next to the Aqua Park.

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