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Chef Boutique Cooking Courses دورات طبخ مع شيف بوتيك

May Courses

اذا تحبون الطبخ اوحتى ماعندكم خلفية عن الطبخ وحابين تتعلمون فشيف بوتيك عندهم دورات منوعه . الجدول المرفق لدورات شهر مايو . انا شخصيا اخذت عندهم دورة الايطالي السهل وكانت من تقديم الشيف الكويتي فيصل الخطيب وكانت ممتعه وتعلمت منها واستفدت وايد والموضوع تلقونه هني

ولمعلومات اكثر تلقونها عالوبسايت Chef Boutique 

Kuwait's ongoing love affair with great food is no secret. The variety of available flavors and cuisines is always growing, as is the number of traditional and innovative fusion outlets. As well as enjoying the culinary and social experience we have found in Kuwait a particular passion for cooking, sharing recipes and tips, and learning new techniques. Everybody is a hidden chef, waiting to discover their talent or further sharpen their skills!! 

So, to help satisfy the hunger for culinary skills and knowledge, Chef Boutique is now in Kuwait. In short: 

Chef Boutique brings international gourmet cooking to the household kitchens of Kuwait.

• All courses are presented by qualified, experienced chefs from the restaurants of Kuwait.

• All chefs have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience, and even one or two secrets.

• Unless specified, courses are presented in English. If requested they are also able to present many of their courses in Arabic.

They value all their clients and see two broad categories: 

• Anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn to love to cook.

• Separately they are also holding courses for the "house-chefs" of Kuwait. This is specifically for the maids, cooks, other domestic help that you employ – where you want them to learn some recipes and cooking techniques.
 I personally took a class and had a lot of fun and learned a lot with Kuwaiti Chef Faisal Alkhateeb in which you can check HERE
 For more info check their website  Chef Boutique 

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