Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Trip, My Birthday, and A Funeral

    April is a month I look forward to every year just simply to celebrate my Birthday on the 14th. Every year I plan to do something for myself , yes I celebrate myself and do not wait for others to do it for me, and I enjoy it. I either buy myself something such as an IT bag, a pair of crazy shoes, go on a shopping spree or just relax in a Spa. This year I decided to go to Dubai .

I have been planning this Birthday for so long I guess I jinxed it in someway. The Trip was from Thursday 11th to the 14th because I had to go back to work on Monday 15th.

Thursday 11th came and on early morning we went to the Airport, everything was OK till we reached our Hotel in Dubai. The moment we entered the Hotel phones started ringing like crazy, and to our shock a family member passed away!. The same time we wer on the phone receiving the bad news the Hotel Alarms were ON ( what an amazing start of what was supposed to be the best time of my life ) The Hotel staff urged us to go outside at a gathering point ( we did not by the way yet check in ).

In matter of seconds the Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulances arrived not to forget to mention a Helicopter .  We stood outside for almost half an our puzzled of what happened. The whole thing later turned out to be just a training , residents were mad that they were not informed of this. Many fell unconciuos thinking the worst. 

When things calmed down we tried to get a flight back to catch the Funeral , but no luck . The nearest was on the 14th morning and ours originally was on the 14th ,but evening.  We switched flights from evening to morning and to our advance the first day of the Funeral started Saturday.  

What happened between Thursday and Sunday I will post later on Inshallh .

Now we get to our retuning flight , the one we switched to morning.
We went to the Airport very early because we were told by the Airways we have to and to pay the price difference in cash since we changed the flight. Three hours till our flight takes off , what to do better than checking out the Duty Free, but did not feel like buying a thing so we ended up in a cafe to kill time. The announcing for our flight came out, we went to the gate and then to our seats. The time to take off came and the Captain announced that the flight will be delayed for 15 minutes because the runway is busy . It was not until a  full hour passed ( whats the worst can happen more to this trip )  the Captain announce now we can take off, and finally back to Kuwait. we went strait home , changed and head to the Funeral.  

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