Friday, 5 April 2013

Versus Cafe

Usually, when a new famous cafe is open in Kuwait, you won't be able to find an available table for a month or more. However, when Versus (Versace) cafe opened it didn't make that fuss! My sister suggested we try it ourselves to find out why.

The restaurant was empty. They asked us where we want to be seated and I mentioned we a want a view meaning next to the window overlooking the street but the waiter thought we wanted to sit outside! I honestly wanted some sunlight because the place was so RED!

Since it is an Italian restaurant they mostly pasta. Sadly we were not craving pasta so we had very little choices which I think is the reason people do not come that often. They only had one vegetarian, one beef, and one chicken dish.

They offered bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar but I felt the bread wasn't fresh enough

The rocca salad tasted really good I even started making it at home.

Stuffed chicken with potato
 Mushroom risotto was delicious as well

I loved the food it tasted so delicious but didn't like the limited choices on the menu. The service was OK because the manager asked us about the food several times but what I did not like is that the waiters seemed that they do not understand English (or Arabic)!

Versus cafe is located at AlHamra Tower

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