Friday, 5 April 2013

Restaurant: Altissimo Express

I've tried the originals first Altissimo restaurant at Burj AlNassar when it first opened and I loved everything about. I was so happy to hear that they opened another branch in Salmiya because it's closer to my place. When I heard that it is 'Express' I thought it is more of a takewaya place but it turned out that they have a nice seating area.

It was empty so we chose where we wanted to sit. The menu had a big selection of food. Many of the dishes were similar to the ones in their main branch.

I loved the idea of colourings and crosswords. They know how to keep us entertained until the food arrives.

They gave us flowers because it was Mother's Day week

Bread basket as hospitality

Our order:


 Mushroom salad

 Chili fries

 Stuffed chicken which is the dish I love the most.

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