Monday, 1 April 2013

Lord of The Wings

After the Thorns Event at Discovery Mall we were dead hungry so we decided to try Lord of The Wings.

بعد ايفنت ثورنز في  ديسكفري كنا حدنا يواعه فقررنا نجرب (لورد أف ذا ونغز ) أي ملك الأجنحة

The menu was full of Chicken wings ( boneless too ) with your choice of flavor , there is also burgers and make your own combo if you like something special. 

المنيو في وايد اختيارات من اجنحه الدياي سواء بالعظم او بدونه بالاضافه للبرغرز مع امكانيه صنع برغر خاص فيكم باختيار المكونات الموجودة

and this is what we ordered
Chili Cheese Fries , Yummy
Boneless wings with three flavors , BBQ Honey, Sriracha and Buffalo Mild and we loved them all
The boneless wings are actually chicken tenders they all were tasty but my only issue is that they were a bit dry and over cooked.

حبيت الاجنحه المخليه واللي هي عبارة عن فيليه دياي اصلا بس كانوا شوي  مطبوخين بزيادة فصايرين ناشفين

I ordered the burger they had on the menu with a medium thick patty and grilled potato. My cousin made her own burger and had fries with it . we both enjoyed the burgers.

طلبي كان عبارة عن البرغر اللي بالمنيو وخذيت معاها بطاط مشوي وطلب بنت عمي عبارة عن برغر من اختيارها مع فرايز وكانوا لذيذين
Lord of The Wings is located in Discovery Mall, Mezzanine Floor.
Instagram: @lotw_kw

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