Friday, 5 April 2013

Emirgan Sutis Turkish Restaurant

I was at The Avenues yesterday with my sister looking for a scarves shop that my cousin recommended at Soug area. We noticed something different about the place and we realised that the big area that was closed has opened and it is a Turkish restaurant. I've been to Turkey three times and I'm in love with their food so we immediately had a seat.

There were indoor seats where you can watch the chefs preparin food and other outdoor seats overlooking the soug area. We sat outside

The food on the menu looked very tempting. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner

 They offer soups, appetizers, sandwiches as well as main dishes in addition to desserts and fresh bread

And I found my favourite dish: Iskender Kabab

We ordered caesar salad, Iskender Kebab and Doner Kebab. When we asked them about the wrap sandwiches they told us they don't have it yet since it was the first day of opening. They also didm't have fresh juice. The service was slow and the dishes came unlike what we ordered but I honestly excuse them because they have just opened.

Iskender Kabab. I loved the meat and the rice but I didn't like the fact that the sauce comes as a side. The Iskender originally comes with bread but they didn't have it so they replaced it with rice.

The doner Kebab was also good but it originally comes with french fries but they didn't have it so replaced it with rice.
 I honestly will come back to the restaurant to try their breakfast as well as their yummy looking desserts but I'll wait around a month until they settle down!

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  1. I also really wonder quality and taste will be just like in Turkey or not.. Sutis in Turkey is famous with their sweets. Try tavukgogsu or kazandibi. You can't believe there is chicken in your sweet. Take care.. Ozlem