Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Karnival at Wahran Park

 The Karnival a yearly event - this is the fourth year- held at Wahran Park, Shamiya . An event full of fun activities and games for the whole family. 

A meeting was held earlier to get to meet the volunteers and to give them a briefing about the activities and games , and I got to know a few things in which I ll be sharing with you .

- The Karnival will start on the 14th of march till 16th .

- There will be tournaments ( Football, Dodge ball, Playstation and Xbox ).

- There will be a Kids only area where you can leave your kids and have fun yourselves.

- There will be Cooking contests with non other Afnanetoo

- There will be food eating contests ( Hot dogs, Doughnuts and Ice cream) with  Fried Junk.
- There will be Beauty contests and fashion contests with Wedding Planner Q8 , Dalalid and Daneeda.

 -  Many prizes to be won , and all are electronics .

-  Fun Adult games like Human Monopoly, Chicken Run and the one I'm most excited about is The Hell Hole .

Mark your calenders everyone, its going to be a whole lot of  fun and excitment.

 Thank you for the Planners of the event for having me . I'm already too excited to go and have fun myself at the Karnival.


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