Sunday, 31 March 2013

The New Skinny Jeans by Dorothy Perkins

DP celebrating your style hero the skinny jean with the ultimate denim edit; a video featuring the hottest ways to wear your skinnies for this season!

Vavavoom Kuwait on Instagram

Vavavoom Kuwait now on Instagram follow them to get the latest promotions and products @vavavoombeauty_kwt

Saturday, 30 March 2013

الموسم الاخير من اميريكان أيدول يعاني

صرحت العديد من القنوات الاميركيه بالاضافه الى مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي من ان الموسم الاخير من أميريكان أيدول ليس بمستوى المواسم السابقه مما تسبب  بفقده   للمتابعين  خاصه بعد تغيير لجنه التحكيم السابقه

مدرسة غرس

مدرسة غرس مؤسسة تربوية تعليمية ثنائية اللغة، تجمع بين اللغة العربية والإنجليزية ضمن مناهج أمريكية متميزة تساعد الطالب على استكمال دراسته الجامعية في المستقبل . 

تستمد مدرسة غرس قيمها من تعاليم الدين الإسلامي لإعداد جيل محب لربه، مقدر لذاته يحترم الآخرين، مراع 
 لتباين الثقافات، فعال في مجتمعه، يشعر بالمسؤولية و قادر على اتخاذ قراراته.

أزمة مواقف وعديمي الاحساس

من الاشياء اللي نعاني منها بالكويت للاسف هي ازمه مواقف السيارات وهذا الشي مو بس نلقاه في المولات ولكن بالاخص داخل مدينة الكويت واللي يشتغلون فيها الالاف ويروحون دواماتهم كل يوم و أنا منهم . المشكله الاكبر تكمن في عديمي الاحساس مثل اللي بالصورة وبكل وقاحه ياخذ اكثر من مكان كأن الموقف له بروحه وطبعا مافي احد يحاسبهم

Dexter My Beloved Fluffball

Friday, 29 March 2013

Shoe Guide by Tory Burch

Kuwait Rocks Kenzo اعادة افتتاح بوتيك كنزو الافنيوز

تمت دعوتنا لحضور اعادة افتتاح بوتيك كنزو الافنيوز بشكل جديد وتفتيجه جديدة بحفل خاص جدا بالاضافه الى فرصه الحصول على تيشيرت النمر واللي راح يكون متوفر بكميه محدودة جدا
We received a very special invitation for the reopening of Kenzo Boutique at The Avenues with the chance to get the Tiger T-Shirts everyone  buzzing about in the fashion world.

The event was hosted by Nouf of PLTQ8 , The event was amazing and everyone had a lot of fun and I managed to get one of the Tiger T-Shirts that were gone in 60 seconds.

 الايفنت من تنسيق المتميزة نوف حسين من (بي ال تي كيو ايت ) والكل استانس وقدرت احصل على احد التيشيتات اللي طارت من الارفف بغمضه عين

DJ'd by none other than Nasser Al Qatami of

The cutest couple ever Ascia and Ahmed were at the event

Noaf of PLTQ8

Before the a week of the event a campaign started and called #Kuwaitrockskenzo in which you can checkout on Instagram. Noaf Chose six girls and are in the picture above. 

Sherifa Al Roumi, also known as SNR Jewels, a jewelry blogger.
Yalda Golsharifi and Fajer Al Awadhi, founders of local label Bohemiah
Noha Al Roumi, founder and designer of local label NohaNoor
Afrah Bouhamra, a financial analyst with impeccable taste
Dalal Al Hajeri, Marie Claire Kuwait's style spotter

Many thanks to Alyasra and PLTQ8 for giving us this fun unique fashion event


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Organica Fish & Chips أورغانيكا سمك وبطاطا

We were in for a big surprise wen a delivery service car came knocking on our door and gave us a Coffee/Tea Maker along with  a bag. We opened the bag and there were three Organic Coffee bags and an Invitation from Organica Fish & Chips. The Invitation was for a tasting their new menu and to celebrate the opening of their new branch in Jabriyah.

وصلتنا دعوه من مطعم أورغانيكا سمك و بطاطا ومعاها مكينه صنع القهوة والشاي. الدعوة لتجربه المنيو اليديد بالاضافه الى افتتاح فرعهم اليديد في الجابرية

We arrived on time and greeted by the lovely The Side Talk since she was the organiser , and sat in the outdoor seating area since the weather was amazing , and there was a group of people playing music which I enjoyed a lot. We were introduced the the tasting menu and within a couple of minutes the food started to arrive .

 وصلنا بالموعد وقعدنا بالقعدة الخارجية بما ان الجو كان حلو بالاضافه الى فرقه تعزف اشهر الاغاني واللي انا شخصيا اندمجت معاهم.

Misto di Bruschette
 From left: Marinated Tomato, Anchovies with Capers, Mediterranean Vegetables and Bell Peppers. I liked all except the Anchovies.

Caprese Salad , Loved it

Bread Basket , well Who doesn't Like Bread

Crochette de Patata, I could eat these babies all day long


Lasagne di Carne , my most favourite dish of the night

Spinach Ravioli, Loved the contrast of the nutty sauce with the spinach filling

From left : Mediterranean Pizza , and Mexican Pizza . Liked the Mexican more because it had Jalapenos and I live spicy food.

Fish & Chips and deep fried shrimp skewers . Crispy from the outside and tender from the inside
and the sweets

Panna Cotta, light and delicious.

Profiterol with chocolate sauce

Tiramusu, one of the best I have ever tasted.

From the store

A Million thank you to the Organica Fish & Chips owners and to the lovely host The Side Talk , we really enjoyed the food , and atmosphere and we will definitely be visiting to enjoy the yummy and fresh dishes

 Organica Jabriya is located behind Royal Hayat Hospital