Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Kuwait Cat Club Cat Show

The Kuwait Cat Club second cat show started yesterday and is still going today till 6PM in Safir International Hotel , Bneid Algar. If you are a cat lover then you really should drop by and checkout all the pretty cats participating. 

I knew about the competition a few days ago unfortunately otherwise I would've had my beloved Dexter compete in the Household Category

This year there are 111 cats competing , and some flew half across the globe just for it.

A Sphynx

The cutest and most adorable Sphynx kitten at the show

Seal Point Sphynx
Exotic Short Hair

Garfield is an Exotic Short Hair
I really need to teach Dexter to be on a leash , this is super cool
4th best Persian

6th Best Kitten

The only Norwegian Forest

and the judge was really happy with it
I could die from its cuteness

5th Best Household Cat

1st Household Cat

K's Path shelter were also at present with some of their cats ready to be adopted.

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