Friday, 1 February 2013

Figs by Todd English ( Kuwait )

Figs is one of the newly opened restaurants in K-Town, in the new food hall at Mall 360 . I heard so much about it, and everyone who tried it said the food was unbelievably delicious.

With a busy and hectic schedule last week I still managed to meet with my friends to chat and grab a nice bite and Figs was the choice .

My job requires me sitting for more than eight hours sometimes up to twelve, so after work I definitely  need not to sit more especially on the chair they had.

The moment I took my seat I thought '' who on earth made these ''. the chairs had an insanely strange design that makes one sit in a strange posture , it made my back even hurt more by the end of the '' not so pleasant '' meal and my behind numb. 

Lets start with the Food now:


I ordered '' Evolution '' a lemon and apple soda was so refreshing.

Fried Burrata

 Fried burrata , nothing special about it and way over priced. KD8.950 !

Confit Chicken

Confit chicken tenders, loved the crispy outer shell that contrasted with the tenderness of the chicken.
Sweet Potato Bravas

 My most favourite of all was the sweet potato ''Bravas'', The sweetness of the potatoes along with the sweet syrup it was covered with made it taste amazing with the saltiness of the cheese.

Greek salad

Greek salad , loved the presentation and the girls loved it , because I did not try it and was waiting for my main course.

The Pizza, everyone loved the most about was the crispy crust.

Orecciette Pasta

The pasta dishes, what can I say about the pasta dishes we had.  The main courses that we were waiting for so eagerly were a big fail. My dish and the same ordered by my sister too '' Orecciette ''  just simply Murdered our taste buds. If the ocean can be eaten , then this would be it . The dish tasted like nothing, but Salt . Only God and the so called Chef knew how many kilos of salt was put into this . 

My cousin ordered a different pasta dish '' Garganelli '' in which she said tasted good, but only took a couple of bites. 

Will I go back to Figs again ?! , the answer is simply NO. 

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