Thursday, 7 February 2013

Afternoon Tea at Haya House

I picked up an invitation from my fellow blogger Surprise&more and it was really cute , and in order to keep it safe I had to use the seat belt. When I got home I opened it and it was from Haya House for a Ladies Afternoon Tea Gathering . 

I have never been to Haya House , and when I entered I  had a  strange feeling that made me feel Calm and Happy too ! . An old Kuwaiti style house was turned into a gallery and a cafe at the same time by Dina and Dalia Alanjiry . I enjoyed being there and will be loving to go again. Dina and Dalia really did an wonderful job and I wish them the best.

Each room in the house was transformed into a beautiful gallery like , and everything is for sale from furniture to accessories .

Every Wednesday the House hosts an Afternoon Tea for Ladies from 6PM till 10PM and one must make a reservation in advance because the seating area is limited .

Kaifan, Block 5, Street 54, House 3
Tel.: 2482 5950
Instagram @hayahouse_

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