Saturday, 19 January 2013

Zee Brgr

I tried Zee Brgr when it first opened but I didn't try their burgers since I was dieting so I only ordered Burrata (starter) which looked better than how it tasted. I was warm at home so instead going out in I placed an order via (I guess I'm their favourite customer!). When I order from talabat I always filter restaurants according tot heir minimum order amount since I'm only one person and my meal wouldn't cost more than 5KD. To my surprise Zee Brgr's minimum order amount was 0,00KD! After seeing their prices I understood why. A single burger sandwich (not meal) costs around 4-5KD! and of course people would want appetizers, salads or drinks with their sandwich so will end up paying more!

I ordered Juicy Lucy and added grilled tomatoes and an egg to it since it only has rosso lettuce with the beef patty (which is stuffed with cheese & pickles). I also ordered Zee Angus cheese fries. The smell of the food coming from the bag made me want to dig in immediately.

The Angus cheese fries were good, little spicy as mentioned but the spiciness came from the mushroom sauce. It would've tasted better if they've added jalapenos.

The burger was so juicy (that's why it was called juicy Lucy) I loved everything about it especially the unique focacia (Italian) bun
Zee Brgr is located in The Palms.

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