Thursday, 10 January 2013

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

I've been watching the Food Network a lot lately especially Man vs. Food programme and each episode there is a mention of brisket! Brisket is a type of beef that is slow cooked for long hours (7-4hrs). So I started looking for restaurants in Kuwait that make it and it coincided with the opening of Texas Roadhouse at The Avenues (Grand Avenue) and the amazing Ascia told me I'd find it there.

When we first arrived they gave us a quick tour and showed as our table

fresh buttered bread came very soon after we sat. it was so yummy
the menu
So I went there and I found it!

Their famous lime margharita

All the dishes come with two sides of your choice except sandwiches they come with one. The brisket sandwich tasted unbelievably delicious

In the menu it was mentioned that steaks come with either peppercorn sauce or mushroom sauce but they brought us the fillet tenderloin without any!


the kitchen

and the dance started on our way out

bread preparation

100% Halal

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