Thursday, 10 January 2013

Magnolia Bakery with the best cousins in the world

I heard many good reviews about Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding and how you'd see angels or heaven when you eat them and I told myself who wouldn't wanna see heaven! I went there with my cousins and baby Tumtum but to our shock the elevators in AlHamra still not in service so we had to go through a maze to find the staff elevator which was not convenent at all! And I was wondering what if someone with a wheelchair wanted to go the 2nd floor?! How would he do that?!! We went to the bakeryand asked for a highchair and they said they don't have one! The Mall is not family friendly at all!

We sat at a table and were told that we order at the counter. and the staff would bringer the order to the table. They had cookies, cupcakes, tarts, bars, cakes and drinks. We ordered one of each to try. We waited for a while before they brought us the order (although all the cakes are ready-made and it wasn't crowded). It was obvious they were short on staff. They even mixed our order with the order of the table next to us.

Carrot cupcake. So fresh and the cream cheese tasted really good! Even Tumtum loved it!

Cappucino was very frothy

Banana pudding. Only banana lovers will see heaven when they eat it. I know it's not ice-cream but it would taste better if it was little cooler. I ate the whole thing!

Peanut bar


Red velvet cupcake. Personally didn't like it

Caramel cake. My sis loved how spongy and fresh it was

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