Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dallah: Ghrayba & Pumpkin Cake

I heard so much about Dallah in blogs and on Instagram. I never buy traditional Kuwaiti desserts from shops since my mum makes the best. Then people got obsessed about their pumpkin cake. So I said lets give it a try. The Ghrayba was unbelievably delicious just like my mums! It is so addictive you can't stop until you finish the whole plate! The pumpkin cake was yummy too. I loved the frosting the most as it is so smooth. The cake itself was so fresh and smelled so good. Regarding the taste, it tasted a little different from the usual pumpkin cakes as it was more spiced. I personally love spiced cakes such as dates and carrot cakes.

They also offer cardamom cake, beith Algita and caramel short cake. They are located in Keifan cooperative, first floor. They also offer home delivery. For more info check their instagram account @dallahkuwait

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