Saturday, 19 January 2013

Camping Food the Kuwaiti Style: Part 1: Breakfast

Winter in Kuwait is the season of camping. Camps (tents) are set around November in the desert and then removed around late February to early March when the weather gets warmer. Some  people love spending half a day in the camp while others spend a whole weekend. Camping food is not very different from daily but some dishes have old camping memories so we only eat them while camping!

Breakfast usually includes the two most familiar are homemade cardamom & saffron milk and homemade cardamom, saffron and sesame cake (girs egeili).

Egyptian/Syrian breakfast dishes are also famous in camping such as fool, falafel, hummus, and msabbaha which I've never eaten anywhere else except in a camp!

Other common camping breakfast food include:

homemade potato and eggplant fry (hamsa)
Hard boiled eggs


Salted cake (to be eaten with Nutella or jam)

English cake

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