Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bubo (Spanish) Restaurant & Patisserie

I was so excited when I heard about a Spanish restaurant opening in Kuwait in 2012. I've always wanted to try their tapas (appetizers) and paella (rice with vegetables, chicken and prawns). I've always loved the seafood paella my mom makes and wanted to try an authentic one.

We went to  Bubo around 9pm. It was quiet and the atmosphere was lovely. I liked the design of the place as well as the matching furniture and tableware. The menu was very interesting, with lots of food combinations (like fruit sauces with savoury dishes) I've never tried before. It was very cold that day so we ordered vegetable soup and almond soup. For tapas we ordered chicken croquette, cheese croquette and omlette. For main course we ordered mini burgers (one chicken and one beef) and chicken paella (they also had seafood paella, vegetarian and beef one).

Spanish hospitality (bread with jam)

Vegetable soup. It tasted better than it looked
Almond soup with grapes. The taste was interesting

mini burgers

chicken croqquette with mustard
The dish I loved the most!
cheese croquette with coconuts and fruity sauce


unfortunately the paella was a huge disappointment. I didn't like the taste or the smell

when we asked for the bill we were offered chocolates and marshmallows. The chocolate were good
 I didn't know that the restaurant is actually a patisserie as well. They sell cakes, pastries and chocolates. We are planning to visit again and grab some cakes and chocolate products.

I loved the pearly frosting on the white cake!

I only advise you to go if you are unafraid of trtying something new. Bubo restaurant is located in AlGhnaim Tower in front of Soug AlWatya near Sheraton Hotel.

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