Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Bridal Shower Event

 We were invited to a Bridal Shower event in Think Cafe hosted by the wonderful Professional Dancer Haifa Alfezaa and Q8 Planner ( The Wedding Planner ) and fellow blogger Sarah Almughamis. The event was about how can a bride to be plan her lifetime dream wedding from A-Z.

Haifa Alfezaa

If you passed by Mall 360 a few days ago and passed by the Car Boot Sale  ,then you should have noticed the bride car , this was  non other than Q8 Planner .

Q8 Planner is opening her own store soon |( next week ) , if you have a party or a wedding and do not know how to plan it then you need to see Sarah and she will guide you through every step.

Q8 Planner: Sarah AlMughamis
Tel : 22320560
Mobile: 55322202
Website: www.q8planner.com ( Soon )
Email: Sarah@q8planner.com
Instagram & Twitter : @weddingplanq8.
Blog: www.weddingplannerq8.com

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