Saturday, 8 December 2012

Red Lobster Kuwait

Yesterday was the family gathering day , we usually spend it at home , but we decided to have lunch out for a change . We went to the Avenues and hoped to try one of the newly opened restaurants in The Grand Avenues area. All restaurants were actually full and everyone must wait in line in order to get a table ( yes wait ) and not leave your contact number so they call when a table is available! 

We  waited  ( we split )  in both Red Lobster and Olive Garden ,and wait for the first to call for us since they were next to each other.  Red Lobster called for us first , and seafood day it was .

The moment we sat they brought us Biscuits as they are called , Yummy fluffy freshly backed  goodness.

Starters and Drinks  :
Bahama Mama
Mango and Passion Fruit smoothie , so delicious and refreshing

Lobster Bisque
This was my favourite starter so creamy , warm and just perfect for nowadays weather

The rest of the Family went for soft drinks
Green Salad
Lobster Mushrooms
I did not really like this dish at all , since it had crab in it which I do not like 

Lobster Nachos
Loved it

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Loved the Chicken , so spicy and yummy . Can be eaten as a meal by itself

Chicken Caesar Salad

Main Courses :

I ordered The Rock Lobster with NY Striploine  with side dish a baked potato ( The portion was Huge ) Unfortunately the picture is not doing it any justice . I only ate the Lobster tale with half of the Potato and a tiny bit of the Beef and had to take it with me for home

Did not even know where to start 

Grilled Salmon
Mom Approved, was not fishy at all.

Shrimp Linguine
Full Portion with Cajun Spice

Shrimp Linguine
Half Portion Regular

Breaded Shrimps

Sirloin with Shrimp

All in all we enjoyed the food , was fresh and not smelled nor tasted fishy , and will definitely be back for more.

Red Lobster is Located in the Grand Avenue 

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