Friday, 14 December 2012

Pasta Arabiata Myway


Penne Pasta, boneless chicken , Onion, Garlic , Chilli , Store Bought Tomato sauce , Olive Oil, salt and Pepper to taste

The Tomato Sauce I used . 

 Cook the pasta as instructed or do it my way . I cooked it in chicken stock ( used chicken stock cubes) . cock the pasta till Al dente ( not too soft ) and leave some of the stock or water to use for the sauce.

 Add a little bit of olive oil to your pan and cook the chicken

 Just before the chicken is ready add the Chopped onion , garlic and chilli

 When the chicken is cooked , and the onions are softened add the tomato sauce , mix well and cover and leave it to simmer on low heat for just 5 minutes

Add the pasta with the stock and mix till he pasta is covered with the sauce , add Salt and pepper to taste and serve

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