Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Olive Garden (Kuwait)

With all the new restaurants opening in Kuwait one just really can't keep up.  When ever my family is on a day out in the avenues now especially with the opening of the Grand section they try to try one of the newly opened joints. Last time we tried Red Lobster , and this time its Olive Garden.

The good thing about this place in particular  is that with every Main Course order you get either a salad or Soup. 

 The Greeting basket of hot yummy bread

Green Salad

Gnocchi Soup

The Salad or Soup ( your choice) that comes with the main course is a refill , so you can get a second portion for free if you like.   
The Green Salad was  simple, fresh with the perfect amount of dressing, while the Gnocchi Soup I Chose was too salty .


Sicilian Scampi
 Shrimps on bread with yummy sauce 

Don't know what it tastes like because I don't eat Calamari

Main Courses

Chicken Marsala
 Loved it the chicken was cooked to perfection so juicy , and loved the mushroom sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognese
 A Classic, if you don't know what to order then this is your dish

Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo
This dish in my opinion is good for sharing , the cheesy sauce is heavy and becomes overwhelming after a couple of bites. This was my least favourite.

Make your own pizza
This was a good choice by my mom

Olive Garden is located in the Grand Avenues, facing of COS ( upper floor)

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