Saturday, 15 December 2012

Is It Worth Your Life

A few days ago my friends and I went to Mall 360 to shop and have dinner , but for some strange reason we ended up in the theater ! yes and it was a private viewing of  ( is it worth your life ? ) 7ayatik Tiswa ? - Sorry my Laptop is going koko and I can't write in ARABIC.

The Movie is a documentary about car accidents in Kuwait and why is Kuwait ranked number (1) in fatalities caused by road accidents. 

Many public figures talked about their experiences in the road and many common people too, who shared their own heart aching stories about loosing a daughter , a brother or a friend in the raged roads of Kuwait

One of the most Heart  touching stories was by Mr Yousef Aljassim about his Daughter's accident 19 years ago which left her in a coma since then . Allah ykon b3onhom weshafiha 

This one is plain Dead , non of the 3 signals work

Since this post is about accidents and the roads of Kuwait I would like to share my own Pictures which I took in my area .  

These two traffic lights have  NOT been working for over a month now, Yes a MONTH  . They are in Mubarak Alkabir near Block 3

This one- Green thank God works- but the other two ( Red & Yellow) are dead
If you know whom to contact regarding this issue please do inform them about this , because dozens of accidents actually do happen in this doomed intersection.

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