Friday, 14 December 2012

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Working in the heart of K-town has its benefits, well I'm talking about satisfying ones hunger or appetite. My office is literally surrounded by cafes and fast food joins, and not to forget the ones that deliver. The weather is colder now and my second favourite hot drink - First comes Coffee of course - is Hot Chocolate, and its not any Hot Chocolate now ,  its the  Black Forest.

Costa Coffee which is a few steps away has three new hot drinks to warm you up in the cold weather , Festive Caramella ( Coffee ), Toffee Nut Latte ( Coffee ) and the Black Forest ( Hot Chocolate ) . 

I did not try the coffee drinks just simply because I do not like sweet sugary stuff and both are ( Caramel and Toffee) a big No No for me.

Black Forest

The Black Forest , OK where do I start with the name or the drink ?! Lets start with the name , I'm Loving it just simply because it gave me a flash back of my childhood- in Germany -  the moment I saw it . Yes I was born in Germany and just lived for three years before coming to Kuwait, but yet have a big part of my heart

I ordered my Black Forest and decided to sit in a corner instead of taking it with me to the office. I sat in  the cafe with the my drink and could not help but remembering the cold snowy days of Germany. 

I Literally enjoyed every sip of the drink that actually tastes like a Black Forest cake , yes it is like a drinkable  cake , a hot delicious Black Forest cake. 

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