Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Burgerholic Kuwait مطعم برغرهوليك

Yesterday my friends and I decided to try the newly opened Burgerholic Restaurant in the Sky Lounge Food Court at 360 Mall. 

Simple Menu with seven (7) different sandwiches  with the choice of making yours 

Loved the place a lot it gives you the feeling of an outdoor garden like you are on a picnic 

The Side dishes or as they call them ( Munchies ) were French Fries , Onion Rings and Crispy Melted Cheese Bites and loved them all

We tried all the sandwiches except the one with the Bacon and YES we loved them all!

The patty is so airy, fluffy and light and the patty OH so juicy and tender  .
When we ate the first ones  - in seconds - we felt like we did not eat a thing! so we went for a second round and the same happened .
I do not know what is the secret because till this moment when I'm writing this post actually craving for more ! 

Now I know why it is called BurgerHolic

I know everything I wrote make this look like the Perfect place , but unfortunately the service was not so. When we wanted to order the second round I had to go to them myself and call the waiter to get us the menu and the same when we wanted to ask for the bill , not to forget to mention  that it was only us there with no other customers!

Gone in 60 seconds
The second round

And finally Nutella cake!

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