Friday, 26 October 2012

My Fake Isabel Marant Bekett Sneakers

Isabel Marant Bekett Sneakers the most coveted shoes at  the moment. The shoes turned the fashion industry in a blink of an eye , every fashionista and celebrity a alike are taken by their looks and hunting them around the world because they are simply sold out on the entire globe. 

I , Myself and my addiction to fashion lead me to search for them on the internet hoping I could find a pair. One day I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled upon an online store that sells them for $300 and claiming they are authentic. Pictures were provided to make Stupidly driven fashion addicts like me to believe they were authentic. I bought the pair and it took 3 weeks for them to arrive , at a time I thought OK I got scammed , well actually I was.

The shoes arrived at a time where I was at work ,so it was my mother who collected it. She called me and told me they have a strange strong smell?  . When I got home, immediately I noticed that the writing on the bashed box was not the correct font used on Marant's boxes. I opened it and the hideous smell coming from them was unbelievable , and of course it was poorly made . The shoes I bought were as fake as Pamela Anderson's Boobs.

My mother and brother were there when I checked the box and asked me is it real , well I said YES to spare myself the embarrassment. Now I can say, Lesson Learned .

The bad smell was from the rubber sole 

Very Poor Quality 


  1. Call your credit card company and ask them to do a chargeback. Explain the situation. Some credit card companies will be able to get you your money back.

    1. Thank you a lot for telling me this I will try it , and hope to get my money back

  2. It are not denied that we women of all ages love to buy isabel marant sneakers..