Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hello Kitty Restaurant & Cafe مطعم وكافية هيلو كيتي

Hello Kitty opened ( soft opening ) this Wednesday and since I'm in love with everything Hello Kitty I decided to try it on Thursday . I arrived there at 4:20pm and when I tried to get in the door was shut ! I knocked ,and the waiter who opened said its full because they were only serving here ( the ground floor around 7 tables only ) because they still do not have enough staff . Many started to arrive and there was no waiting area but to stay outside and wait for a table to clear ,  I waited for around 45 minutes . 

The place looked like a pink Kindergarten packed with kids dressed in pink and Hello kitty ,and the noise was unbelievable . Unfortunately people here think that this place is for kids just because its Hello Kitty , and its NOT.

I ordered and the food did not take long to arrive , but first here is a look at the Temporary menu :

Nicoise Salad
I asked the waiter about the food and the portions and what to order ,because the menu had a lot to choose from I asked what is better to have  a salad with an appetiser and main course and he suggested a salad and a main course since I was only one person. Well he was right and the food portions were just perfect .

I started with a Nicoise Salad which I really enjoyed and it had the perfect amount of dressing , but my only issue was is that it had whole black olives with the pips, I hope they replace them in future with pitted ones.

Chicken Portobello is what I had for as a main course , the presentation was pretty and  this what makes the place not just for kids in which is not. The chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection. 

Chicken Portobello

My choice of drink was Kitty Passion - Passion fruit and Mango cocktail- served in a cute plastic cup. 

I was full after so did not have room for dessert so decided to take it home.

The cutest cakes ever with the cutest Kitty in the world .

These little kitty devils were so tasty and light you can barely feel you had dessert , an amazing companion with a cup of tea or coffee.

This one ( top ) for example had a creamy mango outer layer , and the inside contains thin layers of cake with fresh fruits . Loved every bite .

More pictures of the Cafe:

The Ice cream Counter

Looking forward for the official opening to try the rest of the menu. 

Hello Kitty Restaurant & Cafe is located at Albidaa and opens for now from 4pm till 12am.

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