Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chicken with Sun-dried Tomato and Mash Potato with Mushroom Pesto Sauce

Ingredients :

The Chicken : Chicken Breasts, Sun-dried tomato with the oil , garlic , chili peppers ( optional ), Mozzarella Cheese, Salt & Pepper to taste and Oregano. 

The Mash Potato: Potatoes , Butter , Creme, Salt & Pepper to taste.

The Mushroom Pesto Sauce: Mushrooms , creme and store bought green pesto.

1- Wash and clean the chicken breasts and prepare them to get pounded , to make them thin so it is faster to cook them , OR u can leave them as they are . 

Put the chicken  ( one at a time ) between a plastic bag or wrapper ( picture up ) and pound them ( below picture).

2- Season with salt and pepper and cock them on a non stick pan with a drizzle of oil , and put them in an oven dish.

3- Put the Tomato with the oil ,garlic, Chili and oregano in a blender and blend , try not to make it too smooth, then taste if it needs seasoning add them , because the  Sun-dried Tomato has enough seasoning sometimes.

Sun-dried Tomato
Chili optional 

4- Pour the mixture on the chicken and add the Mozzarella Cheese and put in oven till cheese is melted and has a golden color to it. 

5- While the chicken is in the oven you can make the Mushroom Pesto Sauce . Put the Mushroom in a sauce pan for 5 minutes with a tiny drizzle of oil , because the Pesto Sauce is already oily . Add the pesto and some cream and cock on a low heat for ten minutes.

6- Cock the potatoes in boiling water till soft, drain and mash with butter, then add some creme and salt and pepper to taste.

and bon appetit 

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