Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tracktile Tables, Have Fun With Your Food

Created by ThreeFootThree design, the tables are fitted with reversible tiles bearing lengths of Brio wooden railway track. There are four different  Tracktile table designs to choose from with the chance to rearrange the tiles to come up with different tracks and all can flipped over to reveal a smooth surface when having a more serious dining time. The tables also can be ordered in two different sizes a four or six settings tables with the choice of three wood finishes. Buyers can also use the same sized trains made by Tesco, Ikea and the Early Learning Centre.

Four Seat Table  £1950

Six Seat Table  £2300
Tables can be flipped over for  more serious Dining Time 
The trains come with Motorised Engines

With the tracks on 
With the other side of the table

You can order these fun Tables via their tracktiletables website

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