Sunday, 12 August 2012

Smash Burger's Kuwaiti Burger & Fries

After reading Gourmet Magazine's article about the top burgers in the world (which was posted at and that Smash Burger's Kuwaiti burger is one of the brst, I decided to give it a try. We ordered Kuwait burger & fries, all American burger, kids meal chicken strips. My sis said that the All American is a disappointment! the chicken strips were spicy for 3lloosh it seems they're not made specifically for kids. The Kuwaiti burger wad OK. The patty is tender & the overall taste is good but what I didn't like is that there's nothing Kuwaiti about it! The patty is spicy & we Kuwaitis unlike indians love spices but not necessarily hot ones (unless it's in Daqoos). The sauce tasted like Tahina the one used in a Falafel sandwich! The Kuwaiti fries were not that impressive. In my opinion, the best burger in Kuwait is Hashtag's even their fries are unbelievably delicious.

Kuwaiti Burger

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