Monday, 20 August 2012

Posh Cafe at 360

We went to 360 Mall at 10pm so that it wouldn't be very crowded (since shops close at ten). The mall was still crowded and the cafes were packed. We found an empty table at Posh Cafe (it was reserved for someone but he didn't show up lucky us!). we ordered 3 mixed sliders & the patty tasted really good. For drinks we had electric lemonade which was OK and Lychee & peach mocktail which was a disaster! It was salty! I asked the waiter if it was meant to be salty & he said no the glass is only decorated with salt! So the salt must have slipped into the drink! We also ordered Brookie which is brownies filled with a cookie & served with vanilla ice-cream. I loved it, it's a must try!

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