Friday, 17 August 2012

Pet Zone

I passed by Pet Zone the other day to checkout the place since I read a lot about it in other blogs and even followed them on Instagram @petzone1, and I have to say I really loved it and will definitely visit them again.   Loved how the place has almost anything a pet needs from food to accessories and toys and the best part sell adorable pets.

Pet Zone is located in Alrai . St22 opposite commercial bank Tel: 24719246

I was greeted by these gorgeous Akita dogs that were there for grooming.



Mum , Dad and baby Chinchilla , so cute 

White Chinchilla

Can you see the little one , so adorable

There were many different kinds of birds at the store

Guinea Pig
 Cats for Sale too.

The only dog was available for sale

Got this toy for Dexter with some treats

Dexter having fun with his new toy.

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