Monday, 13 August 2012

Izakaya Japanese Restaurant

I'm addicted to Japanese food and when I say Japanese I don't mean sushi only. I've tried all Japanese restaurants in Kuwait and whenever a new one opens I pay a visit. I went today to Izakaya in Albida' (above Costa Coffee) with my best friend. I noticed from the menu that it is not a classic Japanese restaurants. The menu included lots of new creative dishes. We ordered chicken gyoza, spring rolls, chicken lollipops, nut shrimps, California maki, crispy shrimp maki, wagyu maki & mixed fried rice. Negimiyaki & ebi tempura were missing from the menu! Also they didn't offer green tea! The gyoza tasted so delicious, the sushi was OK, I was disappointed with the wagyu cuz it didn't taste like there was beef in it. The fried rice was good.
..and Genki Sushi at AlRaya remains my favourite Japanese restaurant.

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