Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chocolate & Macaroon VS. Laduree

The first time I tried macaroons was in London's Laduree. I instantly fell in love with it & got kinda addicted and I even learned how to make them! I've also tried Chocolate & Macaroon's and I liked them too but they were different:
1- Most of the flavours were chocolatey
2- They have thicker fillings
3- All fillings are creamy
4- They have fusion flavours!

Laduree on the other hand:
1- Has more fruity flavours
2- Has jam fillings as well as cream
3- Most importantly is that it's more tender.
4- In addition to that Laduree provides gift/party wrapping.

Chocolate & Macaroon flavours

Chocolate & Macaroon

Chocolate & Macaroon

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