Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brown Tomato مطعم براون توميتو في مجمع الحمرا

We planned for a highschool reunion today and I suggested we go to the Italian restaurant Brown Tomato located at AlHamra lower floor next to Chocolate bar. We took a quick look at the menu but we didn't find any interesting appetizers so we  went directly for the main courses which included pizzas, pastas & burgers. We wanted to order burgers but then we said we're in an Italian restaurant so no burgers (although red velvet byrger sounded amazing)! We ordered penne and a chicken pasta with truffle fries as a side. The pastas were delicious but the fries had no truffles with it! It turned out it's cooked with truffle oil!!! Very misleading. For dessert we ordered s classic Italian ice-cream the Tarfuto which consisted of vanilla ice-cream covered with chocolat and floating over espresso! Marvelius! I will come back to the restaurant one day to try the burgers.

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