Friday, 31 August 2012

Train - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye

Soon New Baked Goods From Cute 2 Eat Bakery

Reem ALfailakawi
My Amazing baker friend Reem Alfailakawi  owner of Cute 2 Eat - Home Based Bakery - invited me to see how she bakes her yummy goods and also was experimenting with some new recipes to add to her already amazing menu .

When I arrived a Birthday Cake was in the making and was a bout to finish:

Experiment one was the Brownie:

Experiment 2  the Macaroons and was made by Essa from 7abitain blog  and I have to say these little devilish yummies are a must to try:

Follow Reem on Instagram  @cute2eat_bakery to check for her latest baked yummies  and how to order.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Segafredo Cafe كافيه سيجافريدو

Segafredo Cafe first opened in AlAwadhi Tower in Sharg. It was the best place to have a coffee in a quiet atmosphere. It's a student's hotspot. Later two other branches have opened one in AlKout in Fahaheel & the newest branch in AlFanar. They offer one of the best coffee drinks in town. You must try their cold Mocha Granita & their hot Mocha Latte. Their swerts are delicious but unfortunately doesn't taste fresh (I guess cuz not so many people buy from them). Try their coffee (especially mocha) & you won't regret it.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gelatissimo آيس كريم جيلاتيسيمو نكهات جديدة

Last time I tried Gelatissolimo was last May & I've loved it. When I went there yesterday I noticed that most of the flavours have changed. It turned out that they change them from time to time. Mahallabiya, fig, strawberry yogurt, green apple, lemon cheesecake, apple pie & panna cotta were some of the newly added flavours.Gelattissimo located in The Village Abu AlHasaniya & AlLaiwan Mall in AlAqila.

Nestle Toll Houseكافيه نستله

I posted previously about Baking Tray cookies and that some people say that Nestle Toll House cookies are the best so I gave them a try. They have an offer that if you buy 5 you get 1 free. So I ordered milk chocolate chip, triple chocolate, white & macademia, chocolate & walnuts and chocolate & pecans. They were unbelivably fresh & yummy! Best cookies in Kuwait! They also come in special flavours like Kit Kat, Ferrero & M&Ms. A must try! Nestle Toll House located in Marina Mall, The Village (Abu AlHasaniya) and AlLaiwan Mall (AlAqila).

Nirvana Indian Restaurantمطعم نيرفانا الهندي

I've been craving Biryani for a long time and at the same time I wanted to try a new restaurant. So we headed to The Village in Abu AlHasaniya & had lunch at Nirvana. The place was quiet & beautiful. We ordered vegetable samosa & cubed potatoes as appetizers, mixed tandori grills, chicken korma & lamb biryani. We ordered all food mild but the samosa was a little spicy. The food was great & the biryani was delicious & wasn't fatty. Highly recommended.

Brown Tomato مطعم براون توميتو في مجمع الحمرا

We planned for a highschool reunion today and I suggested we go to the Italian restaurant Brown Tomato located at AlHamra lower floor next to Chocolate bar. We took a quick look at the menu but we didn't find any interesting appetizers so we  went directly for the main courses which included pizzas, pastas & burgers. We wanted to order burgers but then we said we're in an Italian restaurant so no burgers (although red velvet byrger sounded amazing)! We ordered penne and a chicken pasta with truffle fries as a side. The pastas were delicious but the fries had no truffles with it! It turned out it's cooked with truffle oil!!! Very misleading. For dessert we ordered s classic Italian ice-cream the Tarfuto which consisted of vanilla ice-cream covered with chocolat and floating over espresso! Marvelius! I will come back to the restaurant one day to try the burgers.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Opening Soon

The Gathering Bistro is opening soon in Salhiya behind Fauchon and right next to Home Berry.

Home Berry Now Open

Home Berry Salhiya is open located right behind Fauchon in the same building as Chillis Too, opens daily from 9 AM which makes it a nice option for healthy breakfast.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Hardeez' Large Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Whenever I crave a chicken fillet sandwich, I used to order from Naif. It was the best until last May when ordered to take away & the sandwich looked awful! The breaded chicken was pale as if it was yesterday's sandwich & has been put in the fridge then reheated! In addition to that it was spicy & I didn't order it spicy! It was the worst experience. So decided to try Hardeez' new large chicken fillet. It tasted good, nothing was wrong with it but I wouldn't call it my favourite. I'm still searching for the perfect fast food chicken fillet. Any recommendations?

Dinner at P.F Chang

I tried P.F Chang (The Avenues) when it first opened. I don't quite remember what I've ordered but I remember not liking it. When I told my friends they told me that there are particular dishes that are do delicious and people are addicted to like dynamite shrimp, mangolian beef, fried dumplings & sweet & sour chicken. We also ordered fried rice since I didn't like the white & brown rice in addition strawberry citrus for drinks. The food tasted like heaven except for the fried rice it was OK.