Monday, 16 July 2012

Win with Marina Mall

It has been a while since I went to Marina Mall, so when I went there I noticed huge banners for a summer offer ( I do not read news papers nor listen to FM , Don't ask why ) which does not makes sense to me , because it says spend 10 KD and you might win a 35,000 $ watch !. why one winner to a crazy priced watch, where they could have had given many other prizes for a much larger number of winners. Well The offer is valid from 28-6-2012 till 28-7-2012. you still have time to shop and might win the watch . 

What I liked about the raffle tickets is that they were actually printed out ( name, civil ID no, receipt no, store name ) and not done in the old fashioned way were one is end up writing all the tickets especially if they were in large numbers. 

Not to forget to mention that the one and only  prize is a Limited Edition Hublot watch .

Good luck to everyone. 

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