Thursday, 5 July 2012

Golanar Iranian Restaurant

Golanar Iranian Restaurant is now open for a week and my family and I went today to give it a try, because  lately  when ever we hear about a new restaurant it turns out to be a Burger specialized one, it is  the new (HABBA) = ( the -it / must thing to do ) in Kuwait.

The place was nice, cozy and quite with lovely smiling staff . We took our seats and looked at the menu, I knew what I wanted , because Kebab Sultani is my Favorite Persian Dish. 

Loved the sofa and the walls 

 Fresh Bread, Yummy 

Something to nibble on before the dishes arrive 

My Drink , Rose Lady very refreshing and tasty combination of Rose Syrup , lemon juice  and Seven up

Loukmat E Meygu , Shrimps in a dill tempora like crust , A winner 

A traditional Shirazi Salad

Mast O Mosir , Cucumber and Yogurt Salad
 Maine Dishes: 
Kebab Sultani with Zereshk Rice

Kebab Kobideh Talal 
 The Kebabs were so tender and very Delicious and loved the Gormeh Sabzi too,
Gormeh Sabzi and Ocra Stew 

My plate , I guess you know what this means 
We ended our meal with an Iranian Tea with Saffron 

My brother and sister had work so we got them some for home  
At the end all I can say that we really enjoyed our meal and will definitely be back for more inshallh .

Golanar Restaurant Is located in Arjan Complex , albidaa Arabian Gulf Road , Tel 22263163/4

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