Thursday, 19 July 2012

From our Graish

Today at work we had our Graish and each one of us brought something to share on the table and I decided to share some of them with you :

The sweets

The savories were mostly home made

Churrros by Solo Churros Cafe:

Check our previous post about them HERE

Mix Box by Wonderful:
Wonderful cups contain cake based desserts and they offer four flavors 1- Chocolate Lava ( Top ) 2- Red Velvet ( Middle ) 3 - Tiramisu ( Bottom) and 4- Pistachio ( not included here )

Wonderful is located in Yarmouk Co-op , for orders and delivery call 55885595 or 94445922.
For more information visit the website HERE

Luscious sweets and pastries: 
Luscious is located in Ahmad Al-Jaber Str. Facing Dasman Complex. Tel: 22498912
For more information visit the website HERE

Mini sweet cups

Mini stuffed pastries and Musakhan with dipping sauces 

Sweety-Sweet Cups:
These cups were addictive.
For orders call : 99335589.
For more flavors and  information visit the website HERE

Cinnamon and i don't know what was in this thing , but loved every bite  


Chateau de Gateaux :
Located in Alrodha Co-op branch 3, Tel 22510155 and Fahaheel facing Alfarazdaq School Tel: 23727600

A strawberry red velvet cake 

Kunafa from Kanafani:
For delivery call: 1800555

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