Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From Our Lives: Burning Building

One can never know what to expect or come across everyday, especially when you live a life of routine. Well Sunday to me was not like any normal day especially my past two weeks, where I go to work at 6:45AM in the morning and after that head to the IBS ( Institute of Banking Studies ) till around 7:30PM. This past Sunday I had bit of action , in which I was actually happy for, when heading to the IBS the traffic was not as usual and immediately I thought Ok it has to be a car accident otherwise why aren't the cars moving. When I finally reached my destination I was in for a big surprise. An under construction building was burning, Police were controlling the traffic and closed some of the roads and the firefighters trying to control the fire that was being ignited over and over again by the wind.   

A firefighter going up

After long five ours it ended

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