Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cake'n Bake Factory

Earlier this week my friend who works at KHC asked me if I want to tour the Cake'n Bake Factory and of course I couldn't say no. The company welcomes schools to the factory usually and show them how things are done but from now and then they give tours to their own staff and their families .
The visit was scheduled for Saturday and when I woke up in the morning I was in for a surprise , another sand storm , but the tour went on time ilhamdulillah. 

We arrived to the factory at around 9:20

A cat was sitting next to the door trying to shelter itself from the storm

Before we started we had to cover our hair

 First stop the Cake Making:

Snicker Cakes in the making

Chef Olivier ( with the red cap ) explains how its done

The cakes are sprayed with simple syrup


Chocolate Ice-cream
Ice-cream Cakes in the chiller

Red Velvet Mixture in the making , matches my friend's nail polish

Don't you just want to take a dive in to this

Second stop , the Arabian sweets:



Pistachio cookie

Cookies waiting to be baked

Third stop the Baqlawa section:

Pistachio ready for the Arabian sweets

Explaining how Baqlawa is made

the dough is rolled out into paper thin slices

Pressed to make them bigger around a meter wide

Notice how big it got after pressing

Forth section was the chocolate making and wrapping section:

Melting the chocolate
The chocolate molds

Some chocolates are wrapped by hand

White chocolate with Pistachio
Others wrapped by a machine

Fourth section was the Bakery: The smell of freshly baked dough is just irresistible.

will be turned into Mini Pizza
Getting ready for the oven

The Man size Ovens

and out

And last but not least the Special cakes section:

A million thank you to my friend Shaimaa and the wonderful staff in Cake'n Bake factory for the amazing time.

If you wish to visit the factory you can contact them at:

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