Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I went with my sister to Hashtag burger joint in Sharg (near Solo Pizza & Tatami) because I've heard that their burgers are one of the best. The place is small and cozy. The menu consisted of 3 types of burger: classic, Yellow (classic+cheese) and Hashtag (grilled onions & special sauce), in addition to the day special which was spicy with jalapenos. There was one type of french fries (tasted so good I think it's paprika flavoured) and several types of soft drinks. We ordered the Yellow burger, Hashtag burger and fries. The patty tasted unbelievably good, we both loved hashtag burger because the sauce was full of flavour. The staff were all Kuwaiti and so friendly. The only thing is that it was a little bit pricey and that the name of the restaurant was not clear enough from the outside. I wish them all the best.

Lots of sauces to choose from (many of them are Nandos')

Hashtag burger with fries

Yellow burger

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